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"In all honesty, the fashion business is something that I fell into," David Mallon, owner of Ringspun, confessed in a recent interview who had been working as security for a nightclub in Manchester, England. Part of the club’s clientele sold goods at Affleck’s Palace (now simply called Afflecks), a popular indoor market in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. Affleck’s’ independent sellers draw young people seeking alternative fashion. Entrepreneurs rent space at low cost with no long-term contracts. Mallon saw an opportunity and grabbed it. In 1991, Mallon began selling Ringspun T-shirts with rock logos at Affleck’s.

David Mallon founded Ringspun in 1999, and added a second line, Elvis Jesus, in 2005. Rock music informs the designs of both lines. Mallon chose the name “Ringspun” in reference to the textile valued for both its softness and its durability. Mallon clearly set out to establish Ringspun as a leading producer of designer jeans.

Ringspun received a boost in recognition and sales after implementing an aggressive social media campaign, primarily via Facebook. Users were invited to upload images of themselves in costumes, and then vote for the best outfit. Winners won a variety of prizes. The campaign resulted in a 50% increase of traffic to Ringspun’s website.

Ringspun aims to combine couture fashion with street sensibilities, producing denims, combat pants, hoodies, coats, jackets, and tops for men. Ringspun’s all stars slogan is “Life is Beautiful.” There is definitely a cool factor sensibility in the rock-edged designs of Ringspun clothing. The clothing seeks to make a statement. The statement may very well be: Let’s party. "Hopefully, the brand is innovative, fast thinking and charming,” says Mallon, “without being cheesy.”

The Ringspun brand stays trendy by having their clothing featured on youth-oriented media. A British television show, “The Cut,” features Ringspun clothing on its young stars. London producer and MC, Ironink, wore Ringspun’s Invictos varsity cardigan in the music video of his single, “Falling In Love.”

Ringspun continues to look forward, with plans to expand its international reach. With savvy businessman David Mallon at the head, success is all but assured.